Senin, 24 Desember 2012

Do You Want To Have Your Own Designer Hermes Bag

NEW YORK -- hermes will begin rolling out its latest women's fragrance Sunday in hopes of giving its small but growing U.S. business a major boost.The fragrance, called 24 Faubourg in a reference to the address of the firm's Paris flagship store at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honor', went on sale two weeks ago at the Hermes store here, and is due to be introduced at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.Distribution will subsequently be expanded to some Nordstrom doors and Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York by Valentine's Day on Feb. 14.Hermes now has a U.S. mark0wodl fragrance distribution of only 150 doors, with no plans to widen the network. But Laurent Mommeja-Hermes, president and chief executive officer of the U.S. Sales fell modestly in Europe and experienced a double-digit decline in luxury-goods-obsessed Japan, but the brand saw increases large enough in non-Japanese Asia to more than make up for decreases elsewhere.

The increases were seen mostly in South Korea and China, which many industry watchers regard as somewhat of a Last Frontier of luxury retail. So what does this tell us? First of all, we should all remember that signs of strength in hermes bags global economy probably mean good things for those of us in America. Our economy is incredibly interconnected with those of other nations, particularly China, and we can't start to make a significant recovery without signs that are trading partners are also ready to move forward economically. Sales increases of luxury goods mean that consumers in other countries feel confident in the direction in which the economy is headed, and maybe a little bit of that consumer confidence will rub off on other markets. Lastly, it's a good reminder to all businesses that there are still markets out there that are spending money. Finding them may be a challenge, but it can and will be done. So congratulations, Hermes, on a game well played.

There has been an interesting discussion taking part on Purse Forum on a news clip. ABC popped into Hermes on Madison Avenue in NYC and spoke with the hermes handbags -god-placed-on-Earth himself, Claude Gandrille. I was shocked to see Claude on ABC speaking about Hermes, as the brand is so secretive and keeps mum about their happenings. Furthermore Claude is rather quiet himself, typically found diligently working in his back right corner of the shop. But they got an interview with Claude. Somehow a slew of video cameras came into Hermes as well, when a simple movement of your camera phone on any other day will send the security upon you in less than 10 seconds. In a very pointed reminder that, yes, there are still people out there with plenty of cash to spend on handbags, luxury giant Hermes has decided to open a temporary outpost on Easthampton to cater to the elite that can still afford the kind of house that gives them the ability to use \"summer\" as a verb.

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